Membership Chair Report 2018-2019

Welcome back to ASHRAE for another exciting year of events and networking! As my first year as membership chair, we will be focusing on retaining and finding new members for the Southern Alberta Chapter. With the help of our new Membership Co-chair, Ryan McLennan and I have set a target for growth in the Southern Alberta Chapter at 5%. In the past we have been very successful in signing up and engaging new membership.

We are planning a Membership Promotion Night with the Young Engineers in ASHRAE for an early spring event. Our focus will be getting young professionals engaged and excited to be a part of ASHRAE. We look forward to all the ASHRAE events this year and hope everyone can make it out. If anyone has any questions regarding membership or would like to join ASHRAE please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Brian Roper - Membership Chair

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Fellow SAC ASHRAE members

My name is Joshua Johnson and I will be serving as your membership promotion chair for the 2017-2018 campaign. The Southern Alberta chapter board’s ultimate goal for membership this year is to serve the SAC ASHRAE chapter and grow its membership. We plan on continuing

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