Sustainable Communities Update

Our main project for the 2018/2019 year is renovating the Kids Cancer Care Camp located just west of Water Valley, Alberta.

The Ranch house is a old trailer that has been added to a number of times and  was recently updated for aesthetics but no upgrades to mechanical systems.

Through the generosity of local suppliers, contractors, and ASHRAE members - work is beginning on September 28th to replace the existing crawlspace furnace with a new downflow furnace, replace the hot water heater and modify and upgrade the existing ductwork.  We will update with before and after pictures of the project. A huge thanks to Erich Binder for coordinating this project and pulling everything together for a very worthy cause.

Also we are planning to take part in the annual volunteer program for ASHRAE “Global Giveback” which takes place April 21- 28th 2019 – details to follow in early 2019

David Pyle - Sustainable Communities Chair

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