Vice President Report

Time is fast approaching for the end of the campaign year, but the events are only going to get bigger! This month we have our final DL visit from David Abellon with his popular talk about the “Unethical Engineer”.

In April, we have the first ASHRAE Tradeshow in years, which has had great response and we have many participants  presenting at the tradeshow and giving seminar talks. Please look for an invite to sign-up on the website as an attendee to attend the tradeshow for free with dinner following the tradeshow and seminar (added cost). Early in the month we have our first Women in ASHRAE event with a wine tasting event at Co-Op. Females are encouraged to attend as it is sure to be a great event! Thanks to all the sponsors for the event, the support is greatly appreciated.


At a Board Level, I will be attending the CRC hosted by the Alaska Chapter in May. Business meetings will be held with motions being brought forward by each Chapter in our Region. If you have anything you would like Society to change or have any recommendations for how we can do things better in the Chapter or at the Regional level, I encourage to let us know so they can be tabled during the CRC.


Lastly, with it finally getting warmer, you will see invites for our final events coming up in the Spring: Lobsterfest (coordinated by SMACNA and MCA) and the SAC ASHRAE Annual Golf Tournament.


As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact a Board Member.

Kyle Shummoogum - President-Elect

David Lamarre - Vice-President

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