Welcome to our new website!

How do you like our new look?

The SAC-ASHRAE board of governors has wanted to refresh our website for some time now and that time has come. As a critical method of communication we need a website which works for our members and simplifies accessing information and buying tickets to monthly meetings. From the board's perspective, we also needed a website which was easier to edit and more flexible. So what are our top three favorite new features?

  1. A single place to find the latest SAC-ASHRAE news and RSVP for meetings. (That's right, no more simple sign-up. One place for everything.)
  2. An excellent mobile experience. Checkout SAC-ASHRAE.com on your phone or tablet!
  3. A web based newsletter! We will be using this website to communicate monthly with our membership. Don't worry if you forget to check the website though, we will email you when the newsletter comes out.

As with many things, this website too is a work in progress. Expect it to get better over the year and please send us your feedback!