CTTC Chapter Report

Upcoming Speakers

 We are excited to host Devin Abellon as the Distinguished Lecturer for our March dinner meeting. Mr. Abellon will present “The (Un) Ethical Engineer: a study in principle and practice.” This crowd favorite presentation is an interactive, multimedia, dramatic presentation that explores these issues through the eyes of a well-intentioned engineer.


Technical Pin-Up

 The Southern Alberta Chapter was pleased to host Distinguished Lecturer, Greg Scrivener at our February dinner Meeting. Mr. Scrivener presented “Canadian Refrigeration Safety Code,” which reviewed the Canadian code requirements that apply to the location and installation of refrigerant piping in both industrial and commercial applications.

 For those interested in learning more about some of the refrigeration topics presented, I recommend having a read through these past ASHRAE Journal articles.  

 “Keeping Cool – Timeline of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning,” Bernard Nagengast, 2007.

“Progress Report on Alternative Refrigerants,” Mary Kate McGowan, 2019.

“VRF Design Considerations in Cold Climates,” Scott Schuetter and Scott Hackel, 2017.


 Mike Torjan - CTTC Chair