Thanks for a great year, everyone!

Our final ASHRAE meeting has occurred and we are left with only the Lobsterfest and Golf Tournament left this year! Meeting attendance has increased significantly from last year with an average of 75 purchased tickets per event, which is a strong figure when compared to area assigned members and is a good indication that we are doing something right as a board. I would urge people to contact us should they have any suggestions or requests for future meetings themes, venues, speakers, tours, etc.

Your incoming President for next year, Dana Heller, has already recruited a board that will continue the success of the Chapter; a few of the board will be attending the upcoming CRC in Victoria to receive training for the coming year and report on the successes of this year.

I would like to thank you all for continued support of the Chapter and ASHRAE Society and I look forward to mingling as your outgoing President in the Fall.

Many thanks,

Matt Parkes