An Update on the U of C Capstone Project and An Unsolicited Project

U of C Capstone Project

This year’s capstone project is well underway. Their project is to design and build a prototype heat recovery ventilator for a residential application. Critically, they are to test the performance of the heat recovery ventilator against their predictions. The students are deep into the detailed design after completing a rigorous comparative analysis of different heat recovery technologies. We look forward to seeing the final product in 2019.

An Unsolicited Capstone Project

The Student Activities Committee was surprised to be contacted by a student proposed capstone project. Fourth year engineering students can pick an industry sponsored project, or propose their own. This project is similar to the ASHRAE proposed project last year, that is design and build a greenhouse. However, their project is different. It specifically targets the home cannabis grower given new federal legislation. The Student Activities Committee is working with them, providing guidance and feedback on the design.

Happy holidays

W. Alexander Tansowny, Student Activities Chair