September President's Message


On behalf of your SAC ASHRAE Board of Governors, we welcome you back to another ASHRAE year, one that promises to be full of incredible tours, inspiring lecturers and technical talks, tournaments, and once again, we'll introduce some fantastic new meeting venues.  Our year has only just begun and we have already lined up tours of a CHP plant and the New Central Library, released a new website and event signup system as well as organizing our 60th-anniversary party; your new board is excited to make this 60th year as a chapter really quite special.

We will introduce the new board at Septembers dinner meeting, but to get the ball rolling, here's our lineup for 2017-2018:

  • President - Matt Parkes
  • President Elect - Dana Heller
  • Vice President - Kyle Shummoogum
  • Secretary Treasurer - David Lamarre
  • Membership Promotion - Josh Johnson
  • Membership Promotion Co Chair - John Sabou
  • Research Promotion - David Pyle
  • Research Promotion Co Chair - Rick Westover
  • Sustainable Communities - Saron Zerai
  • CTTC - Kyle Troskot
  • CTTC Co Chair - Rhiannon Evison
  • YEA - Brian Roper
  • YEA Co Chair - Lauren Neves
  • Student Activities - Alexander Tansowny
  • Student Activities Co Chair - Jack Sreekumar
  • Historian  - Wayne Keenan
  • Chapter Administrator - Kathy Habke

I'm looking forward to seeing you all out at our monthly meetings, and as always, we are open to feedback and suggestions on how we could improve things, what you would like to hear for a tech talk or even just venue suggestions; see you all in September.

Matt Parkes

2017-2018 SAC ASHRAE President