Student Activities January 2018 Update

University of Calgary Capstone Project

We are excited to provide an update on the University of Calgary mechanical engineering capstone project. The team this year has impressed us with the progress on their greenhouse project. In November the team detailed their final design and received comments from the mentors. The mentor team proposed a few modifications and simplifications to reduce the complexity of the design which are being considered. Currently the team is finalizing their budget and sourcing materials.


Student Branch

The U of C Student Branch had a very active calendar year with 3 events hosted and an attendance of over 100 students. The membership and leadership at the Student Branch level has grown, with the leadership group expanding to 5 people being lead by Soroush Solook since Fall of 2017. The Student Branch has elevated the exposure of ASHRAE within the University of Calgary via class visits, exhibit booths and events. The progress of the Student Branch is seen in improved attendance, improved collaboration with other student bodies and the university itself. The Student Branch conducted a behind the scenes building tours of the iconic EEEL Building and the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning allowing attendees to see the mechanical rooms, equipment and some of the design aspects from the designers themselves.

The Student Branch in 2018 will continue to build on the momentum and success of our previous year. One of the proposed activites for the new year is an an entry into the ASHRAE Design Challenge for Students.

All the best,

Alexander Tansowny, Student Activities Chair

Jack Sreekumar, Student Activities Co-Chair