Student Activities 2017


Student activities is growing! Welcome Jack Sreekumar as our Student Activities Co-chair this year. Jack is a recent University of Calgary mechanical engineering graduate now working with ESC designing HVAC system controls.

University of Calgary Student Branch

We're excited to announce that there is renewed interest in the University of Calgary Student Branch. A group of students has shown interest in organizing and operating the student branch and we are in the process of creating a schedule of events for the year. Look forward to hearing more as the academic year progresses.

U of C and SAIT Capstone Projects

As with previous years we continue to propose (and have selected) final year capstone projects to both U of C and SAIT students. This year the group of six U of C mechanical engineering students are tasked with designing and building a prototype greenhouse to sustain plant growth throughout the year. The project will take them though many aspects of HVAC system design. A unique aspect of this project will be designing for the unique environmental conditions required for optimal plant growth.

We have just begun discussing the SAIT capstone project and will provide more details about it in the next newsletter.

See you at the October meeting!

Alexander Tansowny